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[BLOG]: Arduino based Paintball Chrono - Part2 - Implementat

PostPosted: 10 Mar 2010 01:49
by jamil
The idea here is to create a device capable of measuring the speed of small objects and display this speed on the LCD.
More specifically, the idea is to measure the speed of a paintball out of a marker in order to avoid hurting people when playing (and avoiding having some guy/gal aiming only at you after you've pissed him/her off).

Having said this, the idea is simple, we have two light sensors (the photo resistors) positioned towards the inside of a PVC pipe.
These sensors are separated by 6 inches and are both illuminated by LEDs on the opposite side of the PVC pipe.

Now, when something  cuts the first light we start counting the time that passes until the projectile cuts off the second light, at which point we calculate the speed.